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Kinda nice for poetry

((There was a time when u wuld've said Goodbye to Me)

com home: Gucci, Maine

Poems are things that leave you calculaating

urgInsidePoems are things that leave u

2 Aug 3:20 AM - Harry Burke: V wet

No morals never pls i'm crying

Everytime I hear drunk in love i'm transported back to that house in N New Hampshire Av I can smell that way that Los Angeles smells when you're returning home after grocery shopping or walking to the liquor store I can remember dancing in the front room like It's captured on camera and I can't even that Beyonce is condensing her whole album into a 17 minute set for the Video Music Awards just like like how I have all these memories and then condense them into a life

heartsI love you you Know

!!! 2 Aug 3:19 AM - im back at the lake and u comin out of the water ur chest covered with drops 2 Aug 3:20 AM - i wanted to take s foto 2 Aug 3:20 AM - but was too shy !!!

The place where we Live Together

What's the point of things happening in Private


Kind of a weird process behind
this shitty Hotel Room

happy for 2 hours depressed for 2 hours
                                        Celibate Forever

Sanssouci Reality

2 Aug 3:20 AM - was too shy

When I'm depressed I think of you,
                                    but in a good way

Ecigarette Email Ebola

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Harry Burke

Ilja Karilampi

Victoria Adam

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Both lungs down


Breathing earth
Erc h h - erc h h h h h h h
erc h h - erc h h h
h –
erc h h -erc h h
Erc h h h h hh h
Erc hh hh hhh h hhh h h
Erch h h
Breathing earth
Erc h h rh h
Knees ache
Kneecaps are bad
Pads -! ! erch! hh! hh! hhh ! all worn out
Covered in mud

Sebastian Lloyd Rees

Alessandro Bava